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10 Essential Tools For A DIY Denver Exterior Painting Project

10 Essential Tools for a DIY Denver Exterior Painting Project

Painting your Denver home’s exterior yourself is a great way to save time and money that would otherwise be spent hiring a painting company in Denver. But having the right supplies and tools in your arsenal can make all the difference in ensuring the job is done correctly from start to finish. Our list of 10 essential painting tools for a DIY painting project can equip you with everything you’ll need for your exterior painting job and more. With these items, you’re on track to painting your Denver home’s exterior like a pro.


A ladder is a fundamental tool of interior and exterior painting, due to its ability to help you reach any height that would otherwise be impossible. When choosing a ladder, it is essential to pick one with an appropriate weight rating for the task at hand – this ensures that everyone using the ladder is safe.

Painting contractors will often opt for sturdier and heavier ladders, due to their demanding work environments. No matter what your job entails, make sure you select the right ladder for it – your safety depends on it!

Extension Pole

For house painters, having the right tools for the job is vital to a successful painting project. An extension pole can be an essential piece of equipment for accessing tight corners and higher eaves that would otherwise be out of reach.

Denver painting companies recommend choosing an extension pole that is easily adjustable and specifically designed with exterior house painting in mind. This ensures your house paint job will meet professional standards, saving time, money, and effort as you tackle those hard-to-reach areas.

Paint Brushes

When it comes to interior or exterior painting projects, selecting the right paintbrush is essential. Paintbrushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed for specific applications. For oil-based paints, natural-bristled brushes are ideal while nylon or polyester brushes are best suited to water-based paints. It is important to take the time to consider the particular project and the surface type before selecting a paintbrush, as this will ensure that you have chosen an appropriate tool for the task at hand and that your work will look professional upon completion.

Natural-Bristled Brushes

Natural-bristled brushes are made from animal hair, such as hog hair. They’re best for oil-based paints, as they can hold more paint and provide a smooth finish. However, they’re not ideal for water-based paints, as the bristles can absorb moisture and swell.

Nylon or Polyester Brushes

Nylon or polyester brushes are synthetic brushes that are best for water-based paints. They don’t absorb moisture like natural-bristled brushes, so they won’t swell up when used with water-based paints. Nylon or polyester brushes can also be used with oil-based paints, but they don’t have the same ability to hold more paint as natural-bristled brushes do. 

Paint Rollers

When doing exterior or interior painting in Denver, why not use the most efficient tool? Paint rollers are often the fastest and easiest way to cover large areas with a smooth, consistent coat. With so many different options out there, though, it’s important to make sure you select the right type of roller based on factors like texture and material—not every size and nap length works for every wall! Knowing more about your project can help you decide which paint roller will do the job best.

Paint Tray

Painting your residential home or any interior space can be daunting. But with the right tools, it needn’t be a chore. A paint tray is an essential tool when tackling residential or commercial exterior painting services. Choose a tray large enough to carry substantial amounts of paint yet still lightweight for easy maneuvering. Look for trays that come with wheels for faster transport and greater convenience during residential painting jobs. Finding the perfect paint tray to match your needs will make the entire task so much easier!


Trim Paint

Choosing the right trim paint for your home is essential for making sure it looks professional and lasts. Designed to resist fading, cracking, and peeling due to its specialized formula, trim paint is specifically made to handle extreme weather conditions.

To ensure you get the perfect trim color that can stand up to your local environmental elements, consider professional painting services or speak with local painters who know what formula might work best for your area. With their expert advice and professional services, you’ll be able to give the exterior of your home a professional makeover that is sure to last.


Professional painters in Denver, CO know that one of the most essential steps for preparing a surface before painting is sanding. The type and size of the grit used varies depending on the job, but choosing an appropriate grit is key to achieving professional-looking results. Safety should also be kept in mind when sanding; protective gloves, masks, and glasses should all be worn and safety instructions closely followed. Sanding can take time, but with professional results comes professional pride – making the effort worth it for any professional painter.

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are an essential part of any painting job. While they help protect your floors, furniture, and fabrics from splattered paint, it is important to choose the right drop cloth for the project. Opting for a thicker plastic or canvas fabric will ensure that every bit of paint stays on the canvas, thereby minimizing messes and preserving surfaces below. Moreover, it is important to look for a product that is easily wipeable or washable in case of spills or stains. By investing in a quality drop cloth that will last through multiple jobs, you can save yourself the hassle of cleanup during and after each task.


Painting can be a creative and satisfying process, especially when you achieve sharp lines, crisp edges, and professional results. The key to all of these is Painters’ tape, an essential tool for all kinds of painting projects. It offers the perfect solution for blocking off areas that don’t require paint or covering up spots where you don’t want the color to go. When selecting painters’ tape, however, make sure you select one designed for exterior applications. This will ensure that the adhesive won’t leach through and damage your finished canvas or cause any unwanted bleed-throughs. With the right painter’s tape, you’ll be ready to make beautiful works of art with clean lines and sharp angles!

Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the project. Paint sprayers are designed to quickly and evenly coat the surface with paint, resulting in a professional look in a fraction of the time.

Final Thoughts

DIY Denver exterior painting projects can feel daunting, but they don’t have to be. With the right tools in hand, you can complete your project professionally and quickly with limited stress or hassles on your part. We’ve laid out the 10 essential tools needed for the job that makes it easy to achieve a high-quality paint job doing DIY vs hiring a professional painter. Armed with these tools, you’ll have a finished and polished outcome in no time. DIY projects may require more time and effort upfront, but it could save you money in the long run compared to hiring an exterior painter. So pick up your DIY project DIY kit today, get to work, and soon you’ll be marveling at your handiwork!