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Specialty Coatings for Painting

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Do Some Surfaces Require Specialty Coatings Before Painting?

There are some surfaces that require specialty coatings before painting, such as metal and wood surfaces. When specialty coating for painting is required on these types of surfaces it will ensure that the paint does not chip or peel off due to its smooth surface. A specialty coating may be applied as a primer before applying any type of paint finish. The specialty coating can also help protect masonry surfaces from damage caused by weathering and chemicals in the air where outdoor commercial painting projects are taking place.

Man painting a brick wall in redSpecialty Coatings Can Be Added To:

Some specialty coatings can be added to almost every kind of material including concrete, brick, and even plastic! For example, if you have an old house with stone siding then adding some specialty coating over time will result in less damaged walls because they will not be as easily weathered and will also protect the paint from peeling.

Specialty Coatings For Masonry:

When specialty coatings for painting projects are used on masonry surfaces such as brick or stucco they can help to reduce problems with efflorescence, spalling, and scaling of these types of materials over time. Specialty coating is typically applied by a professional commercial painting contractor who has experience with specialty coatings so you need to find one in your area before having them apply it on any surface where specialty coating may be required first! It’s best if you know exactly what kind of material that specialty coat paints might adhere better too. You wouldn’t want your specialty coating coming off because it was put on incorrectly.

roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roofSpecialty Coatings For Metal And Wood:

There are specialty paints out there made specifically for metal and wood surfaces so they don’t peel or chip away when exposed to elements outside like rain or wind damage. This type of specialty coating is typically applied as both primer and top layer protector over time before being painted with just about anything else including regular latex house paint! So metals and woods can also be protected using specialty coating.

It’s best to hire a professional commercial painting contractor for specialty coatings because they have experience with different types of paint and specialty coatings that are used on many different surfaces where it is required first before regular painted finishes can take place!

Specialty Coating Painters

Harmony Painting has years of experience with specialty coating painting projects and can help you with any commercial painting needs that you have. They have specialty coat painters who are experts in what they do and will give your home or business a fresh new look by applying specialty paint coats to it before putting on the top layer of finish protection!

It is more often commercial painting projects that require specialty coatings, but you never know what your next specialty coating painting project will be! It might even require specialty coat painters that you can hire to do it for you. You should always make sure that any specialty paint job is done correctly by a professional commercial painting contractor if available in your area because doing it wrong could create more problems than benefits later on down the road.

Commercial Painting Specialists

Painting a home can be relatively easy compared to the complex requirements of a large commercial painting project. Professional specialty coating painters are trained to deal with all the different types of surfaces that require specialty coatings, so you should always ask for help when specialty painting is needed! It can be difficult to know how many coats it will take before applying the top finish layer of paint protection on any surface without professional commercial painting contractors who specialize in specialty coatings and know exactly what they need or don’t need at your particular site or property where specialty paint finishing needs may exist first.

Blue metal roof, textured and painted with specialty coatingHarmony Painting does more than just interior painting services because exterior work requires special knowledge about which type of material originally existed on a house’s exteriors too. Specialty coating also varies depending on materials used like brick compared to aluminum siding or wood compared to metal. They are specialty painting contractors who have specialty paint job knowledge that can help you with any commercial or specialty coat painters needed on your next project whether it’s for interior painting services, exterior work, specialty coating finishes like brick and stucco surfaces which require specialty coats of protection over time first before applying the top layer of protective finish after!

Colorado Painters

Harmony Painting is a Denver Colorado-based company specializing in commercial painting projects at affordable prices for many years now locally here too. They also specialize in specialty coating jobs as well including all types of surface protection needs when using specialty coatings on various materials requiring different applications than just regular latex house paint applied afterward. You should always hire professional residential and commercial painting contractors with experience doing specialty coatings.

When it comes to masonry the Sherwin Williams Lox-on coatings system is our choice, we use all their appropriate products in the correct order, with the proper dry times in between coats to ensure maximum protection against the elements. We can also use the Pro Industrial line of products if Heavy Duty Industrial type settings are needed in your home or at the factory.

When it comes to metal we have the answers, Rust no problems, we can dive right into the Protective Marine Coatings line and use Sherwin Williams Kem Kromik Metal Primer. Then we can topcoat using Macro Epoxy 646. A two-part epoxy designed never to fail. So if you have a substrate that you’re not sure can be coated, connect with Harmony Painting to find out your options.

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