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Brick Painting Contractors in Denver

Painting a brick surface is different than painting any other surface. So if you have made the decision to paint your brick exterior to give your home a fresh new look, it is important to find a professional brick residential painting contractor in Denver. Painting brick can be a messy and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be if you hire the right company. Harmony Painting has been doing exterior house painting for over 30 years and we specialize in landscape design as well as remodeling. We offer many services including wood staining, rubber roofing installation, pressure washing, as well as color consulting.

The Advantages of Painting Brick

Of course, the decision of whether or not to paint your brick at all can be a difficult one. Many have the fear that, once you decide to paint your brick, there is no going back. With modern paint-removal technologies, this is not as true as it use to be. Additionally, there are many advantages to exterior painting a brick home, such as:

  • Energy efficiency – Brick’s porous nature actually allows air to escape from your home through the walls. Painting brick creates a seal and helps keep the warm or cold air inside and moisture outside.
  • Increase curb appeal – This is a matter of opinion of course. Many people love the look of natural brick. We’re guessing, though, that if you are considering painting your brick walls and have found your way to this page, you’re not someone who falls into that category.
  • Improve the tone of your brick’s color – With the right shade of paint and a professional application, you can actually keep a “natural brick” appearance to your home, while also being able to choose the color and take advantage of the increased energy efficiency of painted brick.
  • Create a uniform appearance – If you live in an older brick home, chances are that all areas of your house do not look the same. Some brick may have faded in the sun. Or you may have had an area of brick repaired and the new brick doesn’t quite match the old brick. Painting can allow you to match the appearance of your home’s walls all around.
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Brick Painting vs Brick Staining

A new way of changing the color of brick without painting is staining. Stain differs from paint in that it actually permeates the surface of the brick and changes its color, as opposed to simply applying a new coat on top like with paint. While this is slightly more permanent than painting, it also does not come with the before-mentioned energy-efficient advantages of a painted brick home.

However, if you do enjoy the look of natural brick, but you just don’t like the color of YOUR brick, brick staining may be for you. We don’t do brick-staining at Harmony Painting, but we would be happy to recommend a good contactor in your area who does staining service!

Get the Most Out of Your Brick Exterior

When painting brick, we start off using Sherwin Williams Lox-on Masonry Primer to ensure maximum penetration for a primer. Then we topcoat using elastomeric coatings. This helps the brick to “breathe” if it becomes moist. These simple steps will help eliminate most problems that brick faces during its lifespan. We stress that “water always wins” it’s important to maintain a solid, working, gutter system with proper drainage.

Man painting a brick wall in redWhitewashing Brick

Whitewashing Brick is a very subtle way to change the brick exterior of a home. It usually involves watering down a low-quality paint and applying it by spray application or rolling. After a designated amount of time, the product is then ragged or dry rolled off to achieve the desired finish. A test application process is always done prior to starting the job to ensure cohesiveness.

Painting Brick in Denver, CO.

When painting brick, there are some concerns you will want to keep in mind. Be sure that the company you hire does not use flammable paint or primers and that they take into account the porosity of your brick. For example, if your brick is extremely porous it may hold more paint than normal which can cause cracking and other issues. Make certain that the painters cover any vegetation near the house before your exterior painting project as well and remove any birdhouses or gutters since they could become damaged during this process.

Other Services Offered by Harmony Painting

Here are a few of the other services we offer. Contact us today about your paint project!

  • Commercial painting
  • Color Consultation
  • House Painting
  • Kitchen Cabinets resurfacing
  • Help with peeling paint areas

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