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Colorado Siding Repair

Harmony Painting can help with any Colorado siding repair you may need. Smaller trim moldings, dormers, lower siding boards, Hardi-board, Board n’ batten you name it we can fix it. If your siding is no longer available then we will get the closet that does or show you how to get it custom made at the local mill.

Luxury big house with garage and high column entrance porch.How to Tell is Your Siding is Damaged

Some siding damage can be obvious. If your area has been through a hail storm, for example, you might find a number of dents or holes in your home’s siding boards. Other damage, such as water leak stains on the wall beneath the damaged area will reveal that there is a problem with your siding.

If you want to do some inspection from the ground before going up a ladder you can use a spray bottle filled with soapy water right out of your sink. Simply spray it onto the suspect areas and if there are any small bubbles then you have found where the water is getting into your walls which is not good for mold or rot that could happen if left untreated.

What Kinds of Siding Damage Can Be Repaired?

While some types of siding damage can be repaired without too much trouble, siding damage that is extensive or involves multiple siding boards will probably require siding replacement. Siding repair may be appropriate for siding boards that have small holes from a hail storm or other types of siding damage in which only a very small area is affected.

Downspout and siding on an urban house

Harmony Painting can help you with any siding repair you might need in the Denver metro area. We have been repairing siding in the greater Denver area for years and we know what it takes to fix your siding so your house so it looks like new siding again.

Why You Should Get Your Siding Repaired Quickly

Having damaged siding sit on your home indefinitely is not a good idea. All siding must be properly attached to your home in order to provide protection from the elements and any siding that isn’t properly attached is vulnerable to deterioration.

Repairs such as siding replacement or siding repair typically add up over time which is why we offer financing options. So when you need siding work done on your home, don’t hesitate because siding damage can get worse very quickly and become very costly in the long run if left untreated.

Harmony Painting provides Colorado siding repair and siding replacement for homeowners around Denver, Colorado area including Arvada, Littleton, Lakewood, Englewood, Wheat Ridge, and Golden.

Siding Repairs are Common for Residential Homes

While siding is a great investment to protect your home, it is definitely not indestructible. Having to have siding repaired is an all too common occurrence. Siding becomes damaged or worn with regular use, weather conditions, and age. The siding on your home gets an incredible amount of wear over the years so it’s very important to have siding repair completed as soon as you notice any damage.

damaged siding

One of the advantages of siding is that it is designed to be easily replaced or repaired. Individual damaged boards can be removed and replaced to instantly give your home a new siding look.

Common Causes of Siding Damage

The types of events that can damage your siding include:

  • Storms that produce hail or high winds
  • Flooding and excessive moisture
  • Pests such as termites
  • Years of wear and tear…etc.

Repairing siding is a lot cheaper than replacing it so even a Colorado siding project that isn’t as extensive as siding replacement can save you money in the long run. You shouldn’t let your siding remain damaged for any amount of time because siding damage can lead to costly problems with mold, rot, and the overall structural stability of your home. If left untreated, siding damage could do significant damage to the structural integrity of your house and potentially lead to much more expensive repairs.

Types of Siding Harmony Painting Can Repair

Harmony Painting will work with you to make repairs to sidings like aluminum, vinyl, fiber-cement, wood, cedar siding, and James Hardie siding. We also provide Colorado siding repair for stucco siding; however, this may require complete siding replacement. If you suspect your stucco has been damaged it’s best not to attempt any kind of repair until a professional has inspected it because even small cracks can be detrimental to the integrity of your home’s structure.

Vinyl Siding

This is the most common type of siding and is also the easiest to repair and replace. Most homes will have vinyl siding because it is one of the most inexpensive siding materials and requires very little upkeep.

Being low maintenance makes it a good siding option for busy homeowners who don’t want to spend time and money on repairs or siding replacement, but there are some downsides of choosing this type of siding such as if it becomes damaged you can’t sand it down because siding is very hard and there are only siding repair options available.

installation of vinyl siding

Fiber Cement Siding

This siding repair option will give your home one of the longest warranties around, up to fifty years long! It is possible to sand fiber-cement siding which means this siding material gives homeowners more options when it comes to siding repair; however, this type of siding can be very expensive to install or replace.

The most common reasons that fiber-cement siding may need to be repaired or replaced include damage from hail or storm damage which can result in a lot of broken pieces that will have to be entirely replaced if they are unable to be glued back together; siding that is exposed to excessive moisture can begin to warp, buckle, and become damaged; siding exposed to pests like termites will need Colorado siding repair if the fibers are broken or eaten away.

wood siding

Wood Siding

Wood siding gives a great look to any home, but siding repair costs will be a bit higher as siding repair for wood siding is pricier than siding repair for other siding materials. In addition to this, siding replacement costs are much higher because the only way to remove and replace wood siding is by removing an entire piece at a time.

Being a natural material means that its possible siding replacement may need to be completed due to rot or decay damage. While fiber-cement, aluminum siding, etc. can still look great after water exposure or severe weather conditions damage them, rain and moisture exposure over time could result in rot or termite infestations which will require complete siding replacement. This can get very expensive over time.

Aluminum Siding

If you’re looking for siding that won’t require any kind of siding replacement or siding repair at all then this might be a good option for your home. Maintenance on aluminum siding is very low so it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run because you don’t have to worry as much about costly Colorado siding repair.

In wetter climates, corrosion is a concern with aluminum siding, but in Denver, CO. siding can stand up to siding replacement and siding repair very well. Decorative siding options like stucco siding or wood siding may look better, but if you’re looking for an option that will save you the most time and money aluminum siding is a great choice.

aluminum siding

Harmony Painting for Colorado Siding Repair

If your siding has been damaged, it is best to consult a professional for siding repair. Harmony Painting provides siding repair and exterior residential painting in Denver and Colorado Springs so contact us today! Our team will be glad to help you with siding replacement or sides repair needs. Whether your home is aluminum siding, vinyl siding, fiber cement siding, wood siding, or stucco we have the expertise to get your house looking great again fast.

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