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Wood Staining in Denver

Staining anything is a highly technical process in which everything from the right sandpaper grit to the preconditioning of the wood and prep is key to ensure the right color and finish. Selecting the right wood for the job can make all the difference as it can be very difficult and time-consuming trying to match two different wood types to the same color. It’s possible, but it takes longer to achieve.

Basic Tools for Staining Wood

Stain is used when we need the product to penetrate into the wood.  Woods’s ability to absorb stain makes stain a great choice when working with exterior decks and rails. We always recommend staining every three to five years using semi-solid and solid body stains when doing any fencing or decks. These products offer a long-lasting finish due to their ability to prevent the harmful sun’s rays from decaying the wood which leads to product failure. Our process and knowledge of these products will ensure you get quality protection for years to come.

Wooden Railings

Wooden railings and handrail sets are some of the first things we see when we walk into homes. Most of the sets we see are dated and need some kind of work done to them, whether that’s for safety or looks we know what to do to get the look you want. We start by sanding all of the trim to remove any varnish and stains. A test sample should always be done to ensure finish color. Going from a light stain to a dark one is a lot less labor-intensive than switching from a dark stain to a light one. Most people switch to painting when going from a dark stain to a light one. 

Staining Interior Trim

Staining wooden trim is a great way to add warmth to any home. It is important to note that interior trim, particularly floor boards, takes a lot of abuse. Shoes, vacuum cleaners, and are all things that routinely add nicks and scuffs to your trim. For this reason, staining interior trims doesn’t last as long as painting them. Chips in paint can be easily painted over. Nicks in stained wood, however, require re-sanding and a few layers of stain to completely obscure.

Deck Staining

staining a deck

One of the most common needs for stain is deck staining. Our deck staining process starts with deck cleaning and deck stain stripping. We use deck strippers that will not harm any plants surrounding the deck area. Also, if you have any pets these products are pet friendly so there won’t be any issues when coming back to your home or property after work is completed.

We offer 3 standard deck colors: Brown, Cedar Red-Tone (light), and Cedar Red-Tone (dark).

Solid Deck Stains

Solid deck stains are an oil-based product that penetrates into the wood grain for maximum protection against weathering due to sun exposure and mildewing, which happens to decks more frequently than anyone wants to admit.

Semi-Solid Deck Stains

As an oil-based deck stain, semisolid deck stains penetrate into wood surfaces for maximum protection against weathering due to sun exposure and mildewing. Semi-solid deck stains are generally much easier to apply than solid deck stains because they provide better penetration in decks with deeper grain patterns such as cedar and redwood compared to solid deck stains which may not penetrate as well in decks with deeper grain patterns.

Deck Cleaner

Before staining an older deck, we use a deck cleaner, combined with power washing. This product removes any dirt, mildew, or other contaminants from the deck surface which ensures a fresh stain job and a long-lasting deck stain coat. It is very effective on stains over 10 years old to help remove all of the hardened debris that can prevent proper staining.

Pale blue peeling paint on whitened woodPale blue peeling paint on whitened woodA Solution for Peeling Paint

If you have an area of your home peeling paint, whether inside or out, it is likely in an area that gets a lot of moisture and/or sunlight. A great solution for this, instead of painting again, may be to apply stain. It will give that area a fresh and new look without the hassle of painting and masking tape.

Natural wood can be one of the most important features at your home or business, why not decorate it with deck stain so it looks as nice as the rest of your property? We offer deck staining and other staining in Denver, Colorado to bring the wooden elements of your home back to life and give them many years of quality protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Removing Acrylic Paints

Before staining that has been previously painted, the paint will need to be thoroughly removed. There is a difference between removing oil-based paint and acrylic paint. For acrylic paint, we use an acrylic paint remover that will not harm any plants surrounding the deck area. Also, if you have any pets these products are pet friendly so there won’t be any issues when coming back to your home or property after work is completed. For removing oil-based paint, it is important to note that dirt and oils can prevent proper staining even if previous layers of paint are thoroughly removed.

Different Techniques for Staining, Painting

As expert painters, we know that there’s a difference between applying paint and applying stain. Stain wears better over time and is more resistant to harsh weathering conditions. All of our stain uses an advanced application technique that ensures complete coverage of the wood for maximum protection against weathering due to sun exposure.

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Now that you’re ready to cover up that dated paint job and bring your rooms into the 21st century, call one of our friendly office staff at (720) 450-2907 for a free consultation. We’ll take down your information and one of our specialists will visit with you and give an exact quote and timeline.