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Baseboard, Trim, & Molding Installation

in Denver, Colorado


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Our name says “painting”, but at Harmony, we also offer carpentry and handyman services. If you need trim, molding, or baseboard installation in addition to having your home painted, or separately, we can help.

Have a large project or need any extensive repairs? Harmony can help. Our ability to offer these services is rooted in our strong and deep network into the local trades on the front range. We have spent years building relationships with our crews, we are all like family now and this has helped us to understand what it takes to get the job done correctly and fairly. We are motivated by your happiness and satisfaction.

Harmony Painting employs several carpenters who are industry professionals in molding, trim, and baseboard installation. If you choose to have baseboard installation or any other carpentry services in conjunction with your painting project, we will be able to provide accurate time estimates for the work before you sign the contract.

We use our experience and knowledge base gained through years of working with homeowners just like yourself. You can rest assured that Harmony has the expertise needed! Let us know how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

Harmony Painting is a locally owned/operated company serving the greater Denver Metro Area. We provide exterior & interior house painting services.

Baseboard Installation Contractor

Our baseboard installation services provide a precise fit and cover up unsightly gaps between the floor and wall. For example, say you’ve taken down your wallpaper, but now have little bumps where the corners of the baseboards used to be. Or maybe there’s a divot from an errant doorknob? No problem! We can fix that with our custom baseboard installation.

We know it’s a hassle to have to call two separate contractors for your painting and carpentry needs, so we’ve designed our services to be all-inclusive. If you need baseboard installation, painting, or repair in addition to having your home painted by us, and we’ll do an amazing job at both!

Trim & Molding Installation

At Harmony Painting, we understand the value of making your house feel like a home. For many homeowners that means finishing their trim work. If you’re looking for someone to install baseboard, crown molding, base & crown moldings, door/window casing or any other type of trim or molding then give us a call. We can provide the care and attention to detail required in order for it to look just right!

Sometimes it’s not possible to replace existing trim with new trim due to size or shape issues or because it doesn’t exist at all. In those cases, we offer brand new trim installation for windowsills, doorways, windows, and anywhere else you may need it.

The Difference Between Baseboards and Trims

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference. Baseboards are horizontal along the floor, while trims are used to cover gaps in the wall. Trim can also be used to accentuate crown molding or baseboard. While baseboard is typically about an inch high, door and window casings often have a profile that is almost 2 inches high.

installation of new window, trim foamThe Differences In Materials Used

Other than the differences in size and where they are placed, there is also a difference in how much abuse they take. Because baseboards are on the floor, they obviously take much more of a pounding over time from feet, vacuum cleaners, mops, and brooms. Because of this, they are typically made of a base material that can handle moisture and is usually attached with screws. Trims on the other hand are typically going to be installed by using either nails or some type of adhesive since they attach to drywall.

Base & crown molding installation, baseboard installation, door/window casing installation – these are just a few of the numerous types of trim or molding services we offer. Our team has years of experience installing as well as repairing them so you don’t have to worry about our ability to get the job done right! We also provide baseboard sealant for added protection against rot and decay over time from water and debris.

How To Determine What Type Of Material Is Best to Match Your Hardwood Floors

A challenging aspect of having baseboard, trim, or molding install is determining what type of baseboard material is best to match your wood floors. There’s always the option of matching the wood on your trim and flooring, but that can be expensive and time-consuming. The good news is there are other options!

Pressure-treated wood baseboards are a popular baseboard material because they will not rot or swell in moisture. Another great baseboard alternative is painted MDF (medium density fiberboard). This baseboard is a bit harder than traditional baseboards, but it offers the same insulation from heat and cold as well as protection from moisture.

Include Any Size Carpentry Project with Your Harmony Paint Project

man installing window trimIf we are painting your home, we are happy to include any handyman services, no matter how small, along with the job. Painting projects often include other secondary projects, such as installing new trim, before they are really “complete.” We’re happy to help you get your job done all at once, without having to hire multiple contractors.

Please keep in mind, however, that because we are primarily a painting company, we will not take a small carpentry job on its own. If you need minor repairs while we are in your home to paint, however, we will gladly add it to the job.

Schedule Your Free Trim, Molding, or Baseboard Installation Estimate

We can help you with your baseboard installation, trim installation, and molding installation needs. Our team of professionals is always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during the process. You’ll have a beautiful home in no time when we complete our work on your project! Please call us at (720) 450-2907 for more information about our services.