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Are you staring down a wall full of paint samples wishing that the paint color you want would just pick itself? Skip the eeny-meeny-miny-mo with a professional color consultation and you’ll be on your way to the color that’s truly right for your walls and room.

Finding your Personal Paint-Color Palette

To get to a more personal color palette, ask yourself if you would prefer your room to be warm or cool? Rustic or contemporary? Open and vast or close and cozy? Think ocean beach or mountain forest, cool marble or warm wood. Starting with questions like these will help define your preferences and get to your favorites. This personal paint color scheme will outlive any trends and transform the decor in your home or office into a true reflection of your personality and tastes.

The Perfect Paint Color

Many people get hung up on the idea of “the perfect color” when trying to choose paint colors. What you will learn from a color consultation is that there is no such thing as a one size fits all color. The perfect color is the one that flatters your space and reflects your personality. That’s why you work with a professional color consultation service like Harmony Painting in Denver, Colorado rather than trying to do it yourself or picking from a random paint swatch display at the store.

The Harmony Painting Color Consultation Process

  1. A Harmony Painting professional will come to your home for an in-person consultation and walk through your indoor and outdoor spaces – even down to the materials of your deck or patio and what type of umbrella you put up on the deck during the summer months!
  2. He or she will then use our years of experience mixed with her artistic creativity, along with some painting expertise, to create the perfect color solutions for your home.
  3. On painting day, your consultant will meet with your Harmony Painting team and walk them through your home to the best paint colors for each surface.

jars of colorful paint

How to Pick the Right Paint Colors for Your Room

  • BOLD: To create a room that makes you feel full of energy, pick colors that are true and pure versions of themselves. Typically, these primary hues are in the middle in a fan deck of paint colors, not at the pale tip or the heavy bottom. They are hues that are bright, clear, and crisp. Cherry red, steel gray, and tangerine orange are such colors. They don’t have undertones of blue, brown, or yellow, which alter the appearance of the color.
  • CALM: To create a serene and peaceful feeling in a home, try colors that are muted by large doses of white and gray. These undertones reduce a color’s intensity to a paler, pastel version. With blue, for instance, if you add a grayish hue with plenty of white in it, you end up with an aqua color. This is a shade that might be popular in spas and resorts. Do the same with green, and you get a mint shade that calmly recedes. Yellow becomes buttery and smooth. These colors are subtle backgrounds that you can use throughout your home.
  • COOL: Cool colors are a popular aesthetic because they are often passive. Rooms filled with crisp whites, grays, and pale blues take on a decidedly chill mood, and people take center stage. It’s no coincidence these hues are based on cold things such as snow or steel. To arrive at a cool palette, think ice cubes, winter skies, and the shades of mouth-watering sorbets.
  • SOFT: Soft colors are the pale hues that sit at the tips of color chips in a fan deck. While they’re often overlooked, these hues are not to be forgotten. Combined with other soft shades, they create romantic and light-filled spaces. Cream and blush colors are a sweetly luminous combination that brightens even the darkest rooms. You can also pair soft colors with strong shades because the contrast makes both more vivid. Fresh mint pops against a backdrop of peacock blue. Soft shades look as if they’ve been doused with white paint, which gives you a clue about how to make them: If you have a color that turns out too strong for your liking, stir in white paint until you get a whispery shade.

Schedule Your Color Consultation

Now that you’re ready to cover up that dated paint job and bring your rooms into the 21st century, call one of our friendly office staff at (720) 450-2907 to schedule a free visit with a color consultant. We’ll take down your information and one of our specialists will visit with you and give an exact quote and timeline.