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The Denver Area Painting Experts

Harmony Painting is based in central Denver, and we service every section of the Denver metro area. The homes in every area of our great city are unique, and a certain amount of inside knowledge is needed to execute a truly professional paint job. Harmony Painting’s experience painting homes and buildings in all corners of the Denver metro area gives us this inside knowledge.

Denver skyline from city park

We know that homes in the old Capitol Hill neighborhood, for example, are different than homes in Highlands Ranch. Different painting techniques and different tools are needed to execute painting jobs in these locations properly – whether we are painting ornate fascia and trim in the Baker neighborhood, staining cedar shake siding in Lakewood, or pressure washing and sealing brick in Capitol Hill, we know all the proper techniques to ensure a high-quality result. Harmony Painting will be prepared for whatever we may encounter when we come to paint your unique home in your unique neighborhood.

Live outside of the metro area? That’s okay! Give us a call and tell us about your project. We have completed many painting jobs in the hills and out into the plains, chances are we have done work in your area before.

Cities That We Service

  • Arvada
  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Commerce City
  • Denver
  • Golden

drawn map of Denver metro areaPainting in a Dry Climate

In a more general sense, Harmony Painting is also familiar with the unique challenges of painting homes and buildings in Denver’s dry climate and frequently changing weather. There are several things that must be accounted for when painting in a dry climate.

It is true that paint will dry slightly faster in a dry climate. Along with this, however, the dry air also sucks moisture from the paint, which can cause the color to cure differently than expected. A painter with experience painting in such a climate can adjust your paint color accordingly, so that the final color is the color that was expected.

In a dry climate, there are also many surfaces that become more porous and, for lack of a better word, thirsty. These surfaces, such as brick and wood, will absorb much more paint than when painting in a humid environment. This means that additional coats must usually be applied.

Some cheaper paints have less added moisture. It is not wise to use these paints in Colorado. Because of the lack of moisture, they will dry out and crack significantly quicker than higher-end paints. Harmony Painting knows which paint types and brands work best and last the longest in the Denver area, and we always use the best paint for the job.

Schedule Painting in Your Area

Now that you’re ready to cover up that dated paint job and bring your rooms into the 21st century, call one of our friendly office staff at (720) 450-2907 for a free consultation. We’ll take down your information and one of our specialists will visit with you and give an exact quote and timeline.