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Things Your Exterior House Painting Quote Should Include

Things Your Exterior House Painting Quote Should Include

Denver homeowners looking to spruce up the exterior of their house with a painting job may be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar process. Obtaining quotes can be perplexing – what should and shouldn’t be included? To help alleviate some of the confusion, this article dives deep into the thirteen components that Denver painting contractors should include in an exterior house painting quote. 

Not only will this guide provide insightful knowledge, but also it will ensure couples can accurately compare quotes before making a decision. With this comprehensive guide in hand, Denver housing owners feel armed and ready to take on the daunting task of finding qualified painters for their homes!

Labor Costs

The labor costs associated with exterior painting should be front and center in your quote. The total labor costs should include the cost of the painters, their hourly rate, and the total estimated time the project will take. Additionally, the quote should specify what tasks the painters will be performing, and the quote should include any site preparation that needs to be done before painting. Make sure to ask for a detailed breakdown of labor costs in the quote, so that you know exactly what you are paying for. 

Paint Brand and Quality

It’s important to understand the full scope of what is included in the quote. The brand and type of paint and primer being used should be clearly stated, along with the desired sheen. Additionally, the product’s warranty should be included in the quote, in case there are any issues down the road. 

Location of the Project

The quote should include the specific location of the project, including the address and any special instructions. If the project requires scaffolding or ladders, this should also be noted in the quote, so that the homeowner is prepared for any additional costs. 

Drop Cloths and Tarps

When it comes to exterior painting, drop cloths and tarps are incredibly important. They protect surrounding surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, and patios, from spillage and splashes of exterior paint. Therefore, all exterior painting quotes must clarify who is responsible for providing these items. If the painter will be furnishing them, the quote should specify their cost— so that there are no surprises once the painter arrives at the house exterior to begin the job. 

Color Selection and Fees

When it comes to wood siding, the cost to paint is likely a primary concern. When receiving a quote for the project, be sure to ask the contractor if there will be an additional cost associated with color selection. Generally, homeowners need to decide on at least three color swatches to make an informed decision before painting; so inquiring about the number of swatches that are included in the total quote is essential. Be sure to make all your inquiries clear ahead of time and then you can rest easy knowing that the wood trim or wood siding will be painted precisely as desired!

Time Frame

The quote should include an estimate of how much time the project will take, including the anticipated start and finish times. The homeowner should be aware of any possible delays, and the quote should state who is responsible for covering any additional costs associated with delays. 

Payment Terms

When exterior painting projects are being quoted, it’s important to ensure that payment terms are included. This should specify the total amount due and how many payments will be made; if ongoing payments are to be made, then this should also be noted, along with the intervals between payments.

Additionally, utmost importance should be placed on when payment is due – often this is determined on a per-square-foot basis – to prevent any unpleasant penalties for late payments. Knowing up-front when payment is due can help you to plan finances accordingly and fully enjoy the exterior painting project without worrying about bills!

Cancellation Policy

Before you even think about getting the paintbrushes ready, it is vital to understand the complete cost of exterior house painting. The questions to ask your house painter are not limited to the cost itself, but also to any cancellation policy that may apply. Receiving an accurate quote with a clear cancellation policy helps keep everyone on the same page and prevents surprises on either side of the coin. A thorough understanding of expected costs and policies assists in ensuring that all parties involved have a positive experience from start to finish.


Clean Up

When selecting exterior paint prices for a project, it’s important to take into account the costs associated with its clean-up and disposal. While some painting companies may quote prices that include these services, homeowners should always be aware of who is responsible for any byproducts resulting from their exterior paint project such as spilled latex or leftover buckets of paint.

For those using more cost-effective options such as vinyl siding, there are other details about the clean-up process that must be taken into consideration; for instance, double-checking if the company has included dust removal from the exterior premise into their quotation price. In either case, it is important to plan to ensure a successful exterior paint job.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The quote should also specify a cleaning and maintenance schedule for the completed project. This includes the frequency of cleaning, the type of cleaner to be used, and who is responsible for performing the cleaning and maintenance. 


When tackling an exterior painting project, lead paint should not be overlooked. To ensure that the job is done properly and safely, any warranties associated with the products or services should be included in the quote. In addition to any manufacturer warranties for lead paint specifically, it is important for any warranty information from the painter to also be included. It’s worth asking about lead paint as part of exterior painting costs, as it may require more time-intensive processes and lead to significant increases in costs. Be sure to have any warranties specified in writing before starting the job.


Before getting to paint house exterior, it’s important to ensure that the painter has proper insurance. Ask if they have general liability and worker’s compensation coverage – this will protect you from any unexpected costs or injuries due to their work. While a fresh paint job can add value to a property, peace of mind knowing that your painter is properly insured provides added assurance and security when paint a house exterior. Taking this extra precaution ensures that you are able to enjoy the end result without worrying about any future issues or headaches.

Final Price

When it comes to exterior painting projects, there’s one certain thing – the final price. This should include all aspects such as exterior paint cost, exterior painting labor, and any other additional costs related to the project such as taxes, supplies, and more. Knowing exactly what you are paying for helps you stay within your budget and gives you a better understanding of the scope of work needed to complete the job. Be sure to ask your contractor for a detailed quote upfront so you have a comprehensive breakdown of the exterior painting cost before signing on the dotted line!

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to look for in an exterior house painting quote can make the selection process much easier for homeowners. By understanding which aspects to consider, homeowners can confidently review and compare quotes and make sure they are getting the best value. With this comprehensive guide, homeowners can have peace of mind that their money is being spent wisely on a quality exterior house painting job.